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2017–18 Highlights

We DISCOVER and UNDERSTAND more about the picture of crime impacting Australia through our intelligence collection and analysis, investigations, operations and collaborations

Produced 172 analytical products


Discovered 98 previously unknown targets


Added 8 and assessed more than 200 Australian Priority Organisation Targets


Conducted 212 examinations


Produced 188 intelligence products containing examination material


Released flagship report on criminal targets


Produced flagship report on illicit drug data


Produced key reports on serious financial crime, cybercrime and wastewater drug data


75% of stakeholders surveyed agreed our intelligence products provide a comprehensive and relevant understanding of crime impacting Australia


Through connecting, discovering and understanding, we improve the national ability to RESPOND, including preventing and disrupting serious and organised crime, and protecting the community

4 Australian Priority Organisation Targets were disrupted following partner law enforcement activity


22 criminal entities disrupted overall


More than $3.5 billion drugs seized (estimated street value)


191 people arrested on 471 charges


25 financial referrals of 103 entities to partners (including the Criminal Assets Confiscation Taskforce) with a $92.91 million value of offending


75% of stakeholders surveyed agreed our intelligence and information informs policy and legal responses to criminal activity threatening Australia


We CONNECT police and law enforcement to essential criminal intelligence, policing knowledge and information, unite our partners and share knowledge

Provided 16 systems that help our partners prevent, detect and reduce crime in the community


Delivered 6 new or enhanced systems that increased the capability of our partners to help keep Australia safer from crime


Shared 2,162 information and intelligence products with more than 190 stakeholders


22,114 automated alerts on significant criminal targets


91% of all stakeholders surveyed found our information and intelligence services and systems of value

Last updated
7 December 2018