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Highest Risk Criminal Targets No. 3 Special Investigation

Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission intelligence suggests that highest risk serious organised crime entities continue to exert significant influence over Australia’s illicit commodity markets and are present in all Australian states and territories. The majority of the groups are operating in two or more jurisdictions and/or transnationally and have established a presence within legitimate sectors to facilitate their criminal activities. 

The Highest Risk Criminal Targets (HRCT) No. 3 Special Investigation is designed to:

  • provide maximum impact against, and disruption to, those targeted serious and organised crime entities which represent the greatest risk and threat nationally
  • build on the collective national expertise and knowledge of serious and organised crime in Australia to monitor changes in the serious and organised crime environment and movement within the criminal markets. 

The Determination’s key operating approach is to work closely with domestic and international partners to extend the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission’s unique capabilities, reducing the impact of serious and organised crime on Australia.

Highest risk criminal groups based overseas continue to see Australia as an attractive market for illicit drugs.  This is due to the potential high return on investment, as well as the relative safety of coordinating illicit drug trafficking remotely. These groups operate in partnership with domestic groups who provide specialist facilitators capable of smuggling illicit drugs through border controls, as well as access to money launderers who repatriate the transnational group’s profit share.

The ongoing risk presented by the highest risk criminal groups underscores the importance of a nationally coordinated intelligence and investigative response.

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission’s Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs Special Operation complements this determination.

Work under the Highest Risk Criminal Targets No. 3 Special Investigation has spanned several serious and organised crime topics, including Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs, firearms, money laundering and illicit drug activities.

Last updated
5 July 2018