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Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs No. 3 Special Operation

The Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang (OMCG) Special Operation brings together all Australian law enforcement, as well as government agencies to disrupt, dismantle or neutralise OMCGs nationally.

Within this Determination, the aim for the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission—in partnership with key stakeholders—is to:

  • support target development and investigations law enforcement agencies in relation to OMCGs through the use of coercive powers
  • reduce the threat posed by OMCGs
  • work with law enforcement, government and industry partners to build an awareness of threats and vulnerabilities and contribute to appropriate legislative and policy responses.

The use of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission coercive powers has been effective in the collection of information and intelligence to examine structures and links that are fundamental to organised criminal activity. These investigations have identified and attacked a range of OMCG criminal enterprises which have proved highly resilient to traditional law enforcement methods.

OMCGs continue to pose a significant threat to the Australian community. To reduce that threat, there is a need to continue to employ focused and innovative strategies across a broad range of capabilities to complement traditional police methods of investigations. In particular, the ongoing appropriate use of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission powers provides a mechanism for law enforcement agencies to optimise the disruption of OMCGs posing the highest risk to the Australian community.

Last updated
5 July 2018