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Organised crime groups

Organised crime groups in Australia pose a high threat to the Australian way of life. They can range from high profile outlaw motor cycle gangs, to transnational syndicates based offshore. Organised crime groups are also increasingly using professional facilitators and service providers to help or ‘facilitate’ their criminal activities.

Criminal syndicates

Criminal syndicates are diverse and flexible, with high threat organised crime groups sharing a range of common characteristics, in particular transnational connections, activities spread over several markets, and the intermingling of legitimate and criminal enterprises.

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Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs

Outlaw motorcycle gangs have an active presence in all Australian states and territories, and see themselves as the ‘one percenters’ who operate outside the law. They have a strong presence in several illicit markets, particularly the illicit drug market.

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Professional facilitators

Professional facilitators use specialist knowledge and expertise to exploit legal loopholes, find opportunities for criminals, or help criminals retain and legitimise proceeds of crime. Use of specialist and professional facilitators is one of the key attributes of organised crime in Australia.

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Last updated
19 December 2018