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Criminal syndicates

Organised crime groups engineer much of Australia’s serious crime. These groups are often well-planned enterprises focused on making money. They are capable, resourceful and resilient and are engaged in a wide range of activity across many sectors and at all levels of society.

Organised crime groups in Australia are diverse and flexible and pose a high threat to the Australian way of life. They are primarily driven by money and engage in a wide range of activities, across many sectors and at all levels of society. They evolve and adapt to changes in the environment, looking for vulnerabilities to exploit for criminal gain. 

Although they are diverse and flexible, there are a range of characteristics common to high-threat organised crime groups. These include:

  • transnational connections
  • expansion across multiple crime markets
  • financial crimes
  • intermingling of legitimate and criminal enterprises
  • use of new technologies
  • use of specialist advice and professional facilitators​
  • the ability to withstand law enforcement interventions.

Approximately 70 per cent of Australia’s serious and organised crime threats are based offshore or have offshore links.

Last updated
1 July 2016