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Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs

Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs (OMCGs) are one of the most high-profile manifestations of organised crime, with an active presence in all Australian states and territories. They see themselves as the 'one percenters' who operate outside the law. Their criminal activities distinguish OMCGs from recreational motor cycle riding clubs, which are made up of people who get together solely to ride their motor cycles and socialise.

OMCGs feature prominently in political and public discussions of organised crime in Australia. However, it is difficult to gauge the percentage of organised crime attributed specifically to OMCG members. While they are prevalent in all states and territories, they are just one part of the organised crime picture in Australia.

Australian OMCG activities are mostly domestic, but they increasingly have international connections. This includes Australian OMCGs expanding offshore or cooperating with overseas chapters and sophisticated and high threat organised crime groups operating in Australia and internationally.

The most recent assessment of OMCGs identified that there are are 40 active OMCGs in Australia, consisting of approximately 460 chapters and 4600 patched members.

Last updated
8 August 2018