Australian Gangs Intelligence Coordination Centre

The ACIC houses the Australian Gangs Intelligence Coordination Centre (AGICC), which is building and coordinating an intelligence-led response to OMCGs and other known gangs operating across state and territory borders.

The AGICC provides a dedicated intelligence capability for the National Anti-Gangs Squads led by the AFP, and provides intelligence and assistance to state and territory police gang squads.

The AGICC supports our law enforcement partners by building on the intelligence picture around known gangs, as well as identifying unknown threats to Australia and the community.

Intelligence produced by the AGICC enhances understanding of how gangs escalate into serious and organised crime groups. In turn, this informs future initiatives to tackle OMCG and other gang activity.

The AGICC aims to:

  • develop and maintain the national and transnational picture of criminal gangs impacting on Australia
  • strengthen the coordination and sharing of gang intelligence by complementing existing Commonwealth and state and territory efforts
  • provide high quality tactical, operational and strategic intelligence advice to the National Anti-Gangs Squad and its members
  • drive the proactive discovery and development of new criminal gang intelligence insight
  • identify new targeting opportunities to complement existing Commonwealth and state and territory investigative efforts.

The AGICC has been operating since December 2013. It comprises staff from the ACIC, AFP, ATO, ABF, the Department of Home Affairs, and the Department of Human Services (Centrelink).