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National Criminal Intelligence Fusion Capability

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission-led National Criminal Intelligence Fusion Capability was formally established in July 2010 and supports a whole-of-government response to serious and organised crime.

It is a key element of the Commonwealth Organised Crime Strategic Framework and is one of the agency’s key specialist capabilities.

The Fusion Capability brings together subject matter experts, investigators and analysts, data and tools from across a range of government agencies at the national and state and territory levels to:

  • enhance understanding of the national picture of organised crime
  • discover previously unknown organised criminal activity and entities.

This knowledge informs the widest variety of response options that can reduce the threat and impact of serious and organised crime.

The National Criminal Intelligence Fusion Capability brings together more than 20 partner agencies to build the intelligence picture to respond to serious and organised criminal threats.

The Fusion Capability provides law enforcement the opportunity to act on emerging threats before they become entrenched. The Capability shares criminal intelligence to enable more knowledgeable decisions about how to focus combined resources to reduce the organised crime threats of most harm to the community.

The Fusion Capability provides insights from existing intelligence, narrowing gaps in collective intelligence holdings and discovering previously unknown criminal threats.

Last updated
30 June 2016