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National Task Force Morpheus

National Task Force Morpheus (Morpheus) was formed in September 2014 to build on the success of National Task Force Attero which targeted the Rebels and resulted in 4149 Rebel members, nominees or associates arrested or reported and 5756 charges between June 2012 and its closure in December 2014.

Morpheus is a joint initiative of all law enforcement agencies, with a broader focus on all Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMCGs) that pose a risk to our community. Previous strategic assessments in this area assisted Morpheus to focus on the highest risk OMCGs.

Morpheus is providing the intelligence to underpin national projects focused on OMCG leadership, wealth, pathways (recruitment), movement across international borders and monitoring of Australian and international OMCG members. This work is overseen by the National OMCG Managers Group and coordinated through the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission-led Australian Gangs Intelligence Coordination Centre as part of the Australian Federal Police National Anti-Gangs Squad framework.

The arrangements for Morpheus have enabled the AGICC to drive and test national approaches and improvements in dealing with OMCGs. This includes agreeing on national capability development requirements and national approaches to identifying, disrupting and preventing OMCG-related serious and organised crime.

Through Morpheus, all agencies are using their full range of capabilities to proactively and collaboratively target the highest OMCG risks to Australia and detect their criminal activity. This includes improving understanding of the nature of OMCG serious and organised crime activity, developing and implementing crime prevention and disruption strategies, identifying underlying factors that allow OMCGs to be resilient to law enforcement, restricting and preventing opportunities for OMCGs to infiltrate legitimate business, confiscating illicit profits and targeting facilitators such as lawyers and accountants who assist OMCGs to carry out their illegal activities.

Last updated
17 July 2018