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Please note that applications for the 2017-18  programme have closed.

The Indigenous Australian Government Development Programme (IAGDP) is an integrated employment and development programme designed for Indigenous Australians in the Australian Public Service (APS). The programme is coordinated and run by the Department of Education and Training. To be eligible to participate in the IAGDP, you must be able to confirm, by the provision of supporting documentation, that you are an Indigenous Australian.

The programme, delivered over a 15 month period, aims to enhance your capability to undertake a career in the APS.  As a successful participant you will be offered ongoing employment with the agency and provided with professional and personal development opportunities during the course of the programme.

The programme consists of the following main components:

  • Orientation week.
  • Diploma of Government qualification (core units plus electives from the specialisation).
  • Fifteen months practical work experience incorporating on-the-job-learning.
  • Graduation ceremony.

Key objectives of the programme

The key strategic objectives of the programme are to:

  • Increase Indigenous Australian employment within the APS by equipping participants with crucial skills to enable them to undertake a sustainable career.
  • Increase the capability of APS agencies to effectively deliver their relevant Government policies and programmes to Indigenous Australians and communities.
  • Increase the capacity of APS employees to respond effectively to Indigenous Australians and communities.

As a participant you will be provided with opportunities to:

  • Gain a formal qualification.
  • Gain practical on-the-job work experience in the agency which complements your studies.
  • Expand your personal capabilities and confidence.
  • Broaden your future employment and academic opportunities.

What to expect during the programme

On commencement of the programme:

  • You will undertake formal induction activities in Canberra, including a day at the agency where you will learn more about our agency and meet the key people that you will be working with.
  • You will be assigned a previous IAGDP participant as a ‘buddy’ as well as a senior mentor in your office.

During the course of the programme:

  • Our IAGDP Coordinator will provide you will relevant information and help you organise your travel and training.
  • You will be required to participate in the agency’s performance management process and to successfully complete a six month probation period.
  • You will have access to at least three hours study leave per week in order to complete your Diploma of Government qualification.
  • You are expected to demonstrate commitment to the programme through attendance and participation at each learning and development element of the Diploma of Government qualification and additional learning and development activities.

What previous and current participants say about the programme

‘The IAGDP provided me with a great opportunity to develop new skills and network with a large group of Indigenous people. The IAGDP course structure is well designed and comfortably paced which allowed me to effectively return to work duties after each training block in Canberra. The IAGDP course facilitators were knowledgeable and supportive which was most helpful when completing course work.

The IAGDP also provided me with a unique opportunity to work within the agency. The agency has been supportive throughout my IAGDP experience and has continued to support my career development within its organisation.’  2012-2014 participant, Brisbane

‘IADGP is a great initiative to obtain a formal qualification and entry into the APS. I commenced the program in 2012 with the agency located in Brisbane. Working in the operational space was a great opportunity to learn all aspects of the agency, and it complimented my IADGP course of Project Management.  I found the agency to be supportive, culturally sensitive, and proactive with my progression through the program, with help from team members through to SES level.  Not only has the agency offered me this opportunity it continues offer support in my APS career, with strategies and opportunities to progress to the EL levels.  I am thankful to be a participant of the IAGDP, working for the agency and I look forward to seeing more IADGP participants within our agency.’ 2012-2014 participant, Brisbane

‘The programme is a well thought through benefit to upgrading skills but also integrating ATSI with a great department. The IAGDP creates a good support network with the ones who have been chosen to do this programme and who are working from different departments with Government.

In my experience so far is that I have enjoyed the support from different angles that is shaping my career which are the IAGDP coordinators and peers, buddies within the agency, my mentor and all staff members as well.

I would encourage anyone who does this programme to ask questions and guidance in their work, test their abilities and skills within their role as this will assist towards shaping their career within the Australian Public Service.’ Current participant, Sydney

‘The IAGDP is a great initiative. The opportunity to further my qualifications and work for an interesting agency was too good to pass up. I genuinely feel taking up the IAGDP has been the best move for my career. I'm learning so much and supported by interesting and intellectual people. I strongly endorse this program to future and existing Indigenous APS. ‘ Current participant, Sydney

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2 March 2017