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Strategic Intelligence Analysts

Who are we?

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) is Australia’s national criminal intelligence agency. We work with our partners to understand and respond to serious and organised crime impacting Australia. We are a full member of the National Intelligence Community, a Department of Home Affairs portfolio agency, and a member of the Five Eyes Law Enforcement Group.

We are revitalising our Strategic Intelligence capability, which will be based in our national office in Canberra, ACT. The new capability will be centred on a team of more than 15 strategic intelligence analysts.

We are looking for experienced APS6 and APS5 level intelligence analysts to join our team. We need strategic intelligence analysts to help us establish our new capability and deliver strategic intelligence services advice to our keys customers. This is also an opportunity for experienced operational intelligence analysts with strong strategic thinking who can apply their understanding of criminal activity to issues of national significance.  

What do we do?

The ACIC provides strategic criminal intelligence advice and services to senior decision makers in law enforcement and related fields. Our key customers include:

  • Minister for Home Affairs and Secretary of the Department of Home Affairs
  • ACIC Board, which includes the agency heads of the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Border Force, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, the Australian Taxation Office, AUSTRAC and all state and territory police services
  • Office of National Intelligence
  • International law enforcement agencies, especially our Five Eyes Law Enforcement Group (FELEG) partners
  • task forces coordinating operational activity
  • policy agencies and teams developing responses to serious and organised crime.

We are increasingly working with non-traditional partners to help them better understand serious and organised crime impacting their operations. A key example of this is our work with a Commonwealth department to help them understand how criminals were committing serious and organised fraud within a funding program.

What will you do?

As a Strategic Intelligence Analyst at the ACIC, your work will influence how we respond to serious and organised crime. What you say will matter and will be heard.

You will work across the full range of serious and organised crime issues. Our work covers transnational and nationally-significant issues relating to illicit drugs, money laundering, financial crime, gangs, firearms, technology and national security. In some areas, you will become a subject matter expert. In others, you will need to quickly develop an understanding of current and emerging issues.

You will work with a wide range of external and internal stakeholders to better understand serious and organised crime. This will include:

  • transnational serious and organised crime operational intelligence teams
  • national and regional investigations and intelligence teams
  • overseas-based intelligence analysts and liaison officers
  • financial investigators and analysts
  • intelligence collections teams
  • technical and subject matter experts.

You will drive the use of the ACIC’s unique intelligence collection capabilities. You will identify opportunities to use our coercive powers to better understand serious and organised crime issues. You will work with our examiners (similar to a Royal Commissioner), intelligence managers, and lawyers to identify intelligence requirements and develop collection strategies.

You will bring this together to write a range of strategic criminal intelligence products, including:

  • national assessments on the serious and organised crime environment
  • targeted assessments on specific transnational and nationally significant serious and organised crime issues
  • insights papers on serious and organised crime observed in criminal investigations and intelligence activities
  • contributions to joint international assessments with our Five Eyes law enforcement partners
  • vulnerability assessments on how serious and organised criminals are exploiting gaps in law enforcement operations, legislation, regulation, and policy
  • unclassified reports to inform the public of serious and organised crime impacting Australia, including the Organised Crime in Australia reports.

What do we offer?

We will provide you with access to a comprehensive criminal intelligence development program. This includes our national strategic intelligence course and tailored courses on criminal intelligence, some of which count towards postgraduate qualifications with Charles Sturt University. You will also have access to training opportunities through the National Security College.

We will provide you with mentoring, on-the-job training, and training on our criminal intelligence information systems and tools.

We will sponsor transfers for existing national security clearances. Our increasing work with the National Intelligence Community means we need more analysts with Positive Vetting and Negative Vetting 2 clearances.

We also offer highly competitive salary and conditions. More information on our pay and conditions can be found our Enterprise Agreement.

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Last updated
14 March 2019