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Workplace diversity

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission is committed to creating an environment that is focused on building a diverse workforce.

The agency has developed a number of strategies and plans to build and develop a workforce that embraces diversity, be it on the basis of gender, age, culture, religion, language or personal circumstances.

Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission Diversity Strategy 2015–17

The agency’s Diversity Strategy 2015-17 aims to create a supportive, flexible, and fair workplace in which differences between employees are respected and viewed as an organisational asset. Over the three years of the strategy, we will concentrate on issues faced by our identified priority areas of Indigenous Australians, people with a disability, women, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, mature age workers and the inter-generational workforce.

Reconciliation Action Plan

The Reconciliation Action Plan 2015–17 identifies the steps the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission will take to bridge the gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in areas such as life expectancy and opportunity.

Agency Multicultural Plan

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission recognises the diversity of the Australian community and ensures that its operations take account of the unique requirements created by cultural and linguistic diversity.

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission is in the process of drafting its Agency Multicultural Plan 2016-19.

Last updated
30 June 2016