Cyber-Related Offending Special ACIC Operation 2020

Cyber-related offences present a significant threat to Australians. This covers a wide variety of offences, including identity crime, computer hacking, phishing, botnets, computer-facilitated crime, and cyber intrusion directed at private and national infrastructure.

Our Cyber-Related Offending Special ACIC Operation collects and analyses information and intelligence to identify, investigate, disrupt or prevent cyber-related criminal activity.

Cyber-related offending activity is resilient to traditional law enforcement investigations and requires a collaborative approach with our partners. This approach includes:

  • developing comprehensive intelligence about the nature and extent of serious and organised crime activity
  • preventing, disrupting, disabling and dismantling serious and organised crime enterprises, through enforcement, regulation, policy and other actions
  • enhancing collaboration with international and private sector bodies
  • using our agency’s coercive powers to facilitate collection of information and intelligence about serious and organised crime, not available through other information collection methods.

The Cyber-Related Offending Special ACIC Operation was approved by the ACIC Board in July 2020.