Emerging Organised Crime Threats Special ACIC Operation 2020

The aim of our Emerging Organised Crime Threats Special ACIC Operation is to identify, investigate and disrupt serious and organised criminal threats impacting against Australia’s society, institutions, markets, sectors and economy.

This special operation also delivers intelligence to support an enhanced understanding of the enablers and methodologies used by organised criminal entities to undertake serious and organised criminal activity. This includes the wider networks and professional facilitators who provide vital expertise and support to organised crime groups.

We achieve our aim for this special operation by:

  • collaborating with partner agencies to identify and analyse professional facilitators that are providing expertise in support of organised crime groups
  • collaborating with partner agencies, through existing policy and engagement mechanisms, and with professional industry bodies to develop prevention and mitigation strategies to reduce the impact of organised crime on the Australian community
  • using our agency’s coercive powers to proactively target the criminal enabling networks and methodologies of organised crime groups and identify emerging threats and issues, and developing intelligence to inform operational targeting opportunities and contribute to prevention, mitigation, policy and law enforcement decision making.