Firearm Trafficking Special ACIC Operation 2020

The Firearm Trafficking Special ACIC Operation was approved by the ACIC Board in July 202020 and has the following objectives:

  • identify entities involved in firearm trafficking activity, and the nature and scope of their involvement
  • identify new, emerging and evolving threats posed to and enablers of firearms markets
  • maintain a contemporary understanding of organised crimes’ adaptation, uptake and exploitation of firearms markets
  • develop an enhanced understanding of the firearms market and sector vulnerabilities to organised criminal infiltration and exploitation
  • reduce the ability for SOC entities to acquire firearms and thereby reduce the threat posed by entities involved in such activity
  • collaborate with partners to prevent or disrupt the activities of serious and organised crime groups across Australia
  • develop intelligence which can inform detection, prevention and mitigation strategies and contribute to national policy, regulatory and law enforcement decision-making that will make Australia more resistant to serious and organised crime.

The use and possession of illicit firearms is a significant element of serious and organised crime activity in Australia. Traffickers supply illicit firearms to organised crime networks, either by illegally obtaining them from the licit market or by facilitating their illegal manufacture.

The Firearm Trafficking Special Operation sees the ACIC working collaboratively with partners to:

  • develop more comprehensive intelligence about the nature and extent of serious and organised crime activity
  • prevent, disrupt, disable and dismantle serious and organised criminal enterprises through enforcement, regulation, policy and other actions
  • enhance collaboration with international and private sector bodies
  • use the coercive powers of the ACIC to facilitate the collection of information and intelligence about serious and organised crime activity not available through other information collection methods.