Targeting Criminal Wealth Special ACIC Investigation 2020

The Targeting Criminal Wealth Special ACIC Investigation into financially motivated crime is designed to disrupt and deter criminal groups by collecting evidence and intelligence about criminal activity.

Almost all organised crime is motivated by profit. Providing intelligence to identify and stop criminal money flows is one of the most effective ways to disrupt the activities of serious and organised crime networks and reduce the harm they cause. This broad special investigation into financially motivated crime brings together our work investigating money laundering, serious and organised superannuation and investment fraud, sophisticated tax evasion and confiscating criminal wealth. Through the Targeting Criminal Wealth Special ACIC Investigation, we work with our partners to:

  • deliver financial intelligence that identifies high value targets and provides new opportunities for law enforcement and regulatory partners
  • build national knowledge of money laundering, nationally significant tax fraud and other financially motivated crimes
  • help make Australia unattractive for abusive financial arrangements and money laundering
  • reduce the impact of serious financial crime on the Australian community
  • produce intelligence that contributes to whole-of-government policies and law enforcement decision-making.

The work of the Special ACIC Investigation incorporates the work of multi-agency national task forces, including the:

  • Commonwealth Criminal Assets Confiscation Task Force
  • Commonwealth Serious Financial Crime Task Force.