Illicit Tobacco Taskforce

The Illicit Tobacco Taskforce (ITTF) is an ABF led Taskforce that combines the operational, investigative and intelligence capabilities of the ABF, ATO, Department of Home Affairs, ACIC, AUSTRAC and CDPP.

The ITTF was established to investigate, prosecute and dismantle international organised crime groups who use the proceeds of illicit tobacco to fund other criminal activity, as well as to ensure the appropriate revenue is paid to the Australian Government.

Illicit tobacco reduces the amount of revenue paid to the Australian Government, equating to approximately $600 million in lost revenue each year. This revenue could be used by the Australian Government for essential community services.

The taskforce draws on the expertise across the Home Affairs Portfolio as well as a range of other agencies, jurisdictional law enforcement and continued collaboration with international partners, to establish the measures, strengthen compliance and continue to build upon the excellent operational results the Tobacco Strike Team has already achieved.