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Feature: Developing a criminal intelligence training and development continuum

Our increasingly complex criminal and security environment means we need intelligence analysts who are highly skilled, and can work under pressure and hit the ground running.

To ensure our analytical and field collection workforce are leaders in their sphere, the ACIC and Australian Federal Police jointly developed the Australian Criminal Intelligence Training and Development Continuum, a professional development program designed to challenge, expand and go beyond traditional tradecraft and current practice.

The philosophy of ‘by you, with you and for you’ was a guiding principle in developing the continuum. Members of the training team were drawn from ACIC and AFP intelligence teams, and program mentors and advisory working groups came from intelligence and specialist areas. Qualified trainers and curriculum designers provided support.

The training programs were specifically designed for staff members—aligning with tertiary qualifications and further development opportunities. The programs encouraged personal as well as professional development and growth for both ACIC and AFP intelligence staff.

The new training model included recruitment assessments, sequential classroom and workplace learning, and annual proficiency testing. This model acknowledges the specialist nature of skills involved in intelligence practice, which need to be continuously renewed through practice and training.

Training participants said working through potential real-life scenarios was a highlight. Using an immersive simulation system, participants worked together in simulated joint agency task forces to make time-critical decisions and demonstrate their leadership and professional skills.

Most participants commended the simulated real-life scenarios and said they responded as they would in their operational teams. Sessions following the simulations offered the opportunity for a debrief with experienced facilitators and seasoned experts from the field.

Last updated
7 December 2018