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National Criminal Intelligence System

On 30 June 2015, the Australian Government announced $9.8 million of funding over two years under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 to pilot a new National Criminal Intelligence System (NCIS). The pilot program is now underway within Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.

The intent of NCIS is to strengthen criminal information and intelligence sharing across law enforcement agencies, jurisdictions and the criminal intelligence community. As well as connecting the existing data holdings and making searching across these highly efficient, NCIS will also offer enhanced analytical and collaboration services. By improving information sharing and system agility, police and national security agencies will have an enhanced ability to detect and disrupt criminal activity.

The agency is working with multiple partner organisations to collaborate on the pilot through a Core Consultative Group of representatives from these organisations. By testing concepts and design in real-time operational policing, the program aims to ultimately inform the delivery of a system that is highly usable and an invaluable asset for Australia’s criminal intelligence and information capability.

The NCIS Pilot Program was completed in June 2017. An evaluation of the pilot was undertaken to inform Government policy in relation to completing a full build of NCIS. 

Last updated
21 July 2017