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National DNA Investigative Capability

Our National DNA Investigative Capability (NDIC) project will deliver a strategic DNA investigative capability platform to enable our law enforcement partners to better use DNA technology within their state or territory legislation and policies. This capability will help police solve crimes and identify victims by providing more sophisticated kinship and familial DNA matching.

The enhanced service will better support, extend and improve the technology and capabilities surrounding DNA matching. The solution will enhance our agency’s existing National Criminal Investigation DNA database, which allows police to link DNA profiles across Australia’s state and territory borders.

DNA profiling is a forensic identification tool of considerable power. The chance of two unrelated individuals sharing the same DNA profile is approximately one in a billion— so a match between a crime scene profile and a suspect is  crucially important. DNA evidence has been used to implicate criminals in serious offences, as well as helping to solve many high volume crimes. Just as importantly, DNA has also clearly established the innocence of many people who might otherwise be suspects for a crime.

These new NCIC will be used to examine DNA profiles to establish biological relationships between individuals, and to identify missing persons, unidentified human remains and victims of mass disasters.

Last updated
18 July 2018