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Domestic violence

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) is developing a national system to facilitate information sharing and enforcement of domestic violence orders (DVOs) between police and courts across Australia. The system will underpin the National DVO Scheme model laws agreed by the Council of Australian Governments in 2015.

Each state and territory will pass legislation to give effect to the National DVO Scheme, so DVOs issued in one jurisdiction will be automatically recognised in all others.

While the national information sharing system is being developed, ACIC has developed an interim solution to improve information sharing about DVOs and to support implementation of the National DVO Scheme when it commences. 

Through the interim solution, ACIC delivered a new web portal that will allow courts to access DVO information held in the National Police Reference System (NPRS). ACIC also analysed protection order information in NPRS and provided advice to police in all states and territories about how they can enhance the quality of the information they use and share with other jurisdictions.

Domestic violence and related orders are an important way police and courts can protect and empower victims and improve outcomes in domestic and family violence situations.

Last updated
23 February 2017