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Domestic violence

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) is exploring options to develop a national system to facilitate information sharing and enforcement of domestic violence orders (DVOs) between courts and police across Australia. The system will underpin the National DVO Scheme model laws agreed by the Council of Australian Governments.

At the same time, the agency is developing an interim solution to enable police and courts to share information on all domestic violence orders in the short term. It will be operational in late 2016.

The interim solution will use the National Police Reference System (NPRS), which is an existing ACIC system that provides police and other law enforcement agencies with data to help first responders, investigators and analysts.

The interim solution will extend NPRS access to state and territory courts, ensuring they have access to important information about DVOs from other jurisdictions. It will also support police to enhance the information about protection orders they enter into NPRS and to share the information with police in other jurisdictions. This will give police greater situational awareness when responding to domestic and family violence allegations.

Domestic violence and related orders are an important way police agencies and courts can protect and empower victims and improve outcomes in domestic and family violence situations.

Last updated
25 July 2016