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Organised Crime in Australia

The report

The Organised Crime in Australia report provides the most comprehensive unclassified profile of organised crime in Australia. It includes characteristics of those involved, what drives them, activities they are involved in and the extent and impact of organised crime.

The report provides government, industry and the public with information they need to better respond to the threat of organised crime, now and into the future.

Organised Crime in Australia 2017

Now in its sixth edition, Organised Crime in Australia 2017 offers the most contemporary picture of serious and organised crime.

The 2017 report has identified six key enablers of organised crime in Australia as follows:

  • Money laundering
  • Technology and digital infrastructure
  • Professional facilitators
  • Identity crime
  • Corruption within the public sector
  • Violence and intimidation.

The report explores existing and emerging organised crime threats affecting the Australian community and our national interests.

Animation: The Global Business of Organised Crime

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Last updated
16 February 2018