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Unclassified strategic assessments

In addition to our regular publications we also release unclassified versions of our strategic assessments on a range of topical issues.

Precursor Chemicals Information Resource

The Precursor Chemicals Information Resource is a definitive and referenced guide on precursor chemicals for law enforcement and industry to identify chemicals used in the manufacture of illicit drugs. The resource assists law enforcement, regulators and industry in the fight against chemicals being diverted from legitimate trade for illicit drug manufacture.

The resource is not publically available. To find out more about the resource, download the fact sheet below.

The Australian Methylamphetamine Market

The Australian Methylamphetamine Market provides a concise understanding of the nature of organised criminal involvement in the Australian methylamphetamine market. The report consolidates open source information with operational and strategic intelligence to inform the Australian public on a significant threat to the Australian community. It is intended for the report to inform the national response to the methylamphetamine problem.

    Last updated
    24 May 2019