National Police Reference System

National Police Reference System

Our National Police Reference System (NPRS) enables Australian police agencies to share essential policing information with other police agencies.

It is specifically designed to equip operational police, anywhere in the country, with the knowledge they need to make on-the-spot decisions when dealing with persons of interest. It provides key reference data to support police officers, investigators and analysts. This includes important information about persons of interest to alert police about whether a person is likely to be dangerous or wanted for other offences.

The NPRS provides Australian police with detailed, current and accurate national police information that they can access from handheld devices, in-car terminals and desktop computers.

The system is available to more than 75,000 police officers across Australia. It provides access to more than 11 million records and 10 million photographs and records core data such as:

  • name
  • identity information and photographs
  • information on warnings, warrants and wanted persons
  • offence history
  • protection and violence orders
  • firearms involvements
  • information relating to the child protection register
  • information on missing persons, unidentified persons and bodies, and escapees.