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Summary of performance in 2017–18

We measure our performance against criteria related to our ability to Connect, Discover, Understand and enable our partners to Respond to crime. This is a summary of our full scorecard of results and analysis of our performance in 2017–18, which is provided in 2: Annual performance statements, from page 20.





The picture of crime impacting Australia is improving because the ACIC is discovering crime threats, vulnerabilities, patterns, methods and trends previously unknown.

Met—Our types of new discoveries continued at slightly higher levels than recent years, and remained focused on key crime themes.


The understanding of the picture of crime impacting Australia is increasingly more comprehensive, integrated and relevant.

Met—Our results were in line with previous levels of performance and demonstrated a good performance across priority crime types.

The understanding of the picture of crime impacting Australia is increasingly used to guide strategies and responses to crime.

Met—Our intelligence across a wide range of criminality informed and guided strategies at a similar level to previous years. This was supported by our stakeholder survey results.


The ACIC better informs and influences the hardening of the environment against crime.

Met—Our intelligence informed and influenced activities to harden the environment against serious and organised crime to similar levels as previous years. This was supported by our stakeholder survey results.

The ACIC is conducting investigations and intelligence operations, and producing intelligence that is effective in disrupting, disabling and dismantling serious and organised crime.

Met—Our performance measures that track the impact of our intelligence produced by our investigations and intelligence operations, which enable partners to disrupt serious and organised crime, were largely in line with long-term trends, with a strong spike in drug seizures this reporting period.

ACIC partners are better informed and enabled to undertake policing and community safeguarding activities through access to national information systems and services.

Met—We informed and enabled our partners to protect the community, through delivery of our national information systems and services. This was supported by our positive stakeholder survey results.


Existing ACIC systems and services are accessible, used and reliable.

Partially met—We continued to provide our services to a broad range of agencies with generally increasing levels of usage and a high level of availability. However, we failed to meet our Board-agreed availability benchmarks for three of our 16 systems and so only partially met this criterion.

The delivery and implementation of new and enhanced ACIC systems and services satisfies the needs of stakeholders and users.

Partially met—This year we achieved significant delivery of new and enhanced services and substantial progress toward the delivery of other new and enhanced services in accordance with our Corporate Plan. We also made changes to planned projects and will seek to improve the perceptions of our stakeholders by developing our project delivery capabilities and communication.

The ACIC is sharing increasing volume, breadth and formats (mediums, platforms) of criminal intelligence and information, police information, and other relevant information.

Met—Overall our performance this year reflected a similar level to previous years, with increasing volumes of information and new data sources shared.

The ACIC builds, coordinates and maintains strong and collaborative relationships with domestic and international partners.

Partially met—We demonstrated a broad range of collaborative activities and outputs. However, our stakeholder survey results indicate this needs further improvement, especially in our development of information systems and services.

Last updated
7 December 2018