Media response: Foreign fighters

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) is focused on the nexus between terrorism and serious and organised crime. The agency contributes to the prevention of terrorist financing, combating the foreign fighters’ threat and the threat posed by ‘lone-actor’ terrorism.

The ACIC works with partners to collect and analyse intelligence to support counter-terrorism and serious and organised crime investigations and intelligence activities regarding foreign fighters and domestic terrorism threats.

The ACIC leverages its coercive powers to collect intelligence on:

  • radicalisation, and its role promoting and supporting terrorism
  • the international movement of foreign fighters to assist in providing a national response to the threat posed
  • foreign fighter funding schemes including exploitation of the charities and not-for-profit sector
  • domestic crime groups linked to international criminal networks and individuals supporting terrorism.

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission’s unique coercive powers to compel individuals to provide information, have the potential to identify additional terrorist suspects or their facilitators, domestically and offshore.

From 1 April 2015—30 June 2018 the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission has conducted coercive examinations on 83 occasions in support of partner agency investigations focusing on the terrorist threat to Australia, including hearings focusing on the funding of proscribed terrorist organisations.

As a result of these hearings and broader intelligence work, 325 intelligence products have been disseminated to partner agencies.

By working with partners and shining a spotlight on the areas where organised crime and terrorist networks converge, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission is contributing to the combating the terrorist threat posed to Australia.

Col Blanch

Acting Chief Executive Officer

Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission