Corporate documents


Our corporate plan is our primary planning document. It is prepared in accordance with the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 and covers a four-year period, with particular focus on the current financial year.

Endorsed by the board, our one-page strategic direction is key part of our planning framework, and outlines our strategic objectives to enable us to achieve our purpose.

This report highlights the achievements of our Reconciliation Action Plan 2018–20 and includes reflections on what we have learnt in our continued commitment to supporting reconciliation in the agency.

The Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) can be found on the Department of Home Affairs website

The statement of integrity in business practice and procurement articulates the core values, mutual obligations and ethical standards we expected of our agency staff.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) outlines specific actions our agency will take to try to address this imbalance and to foster respectful and productive relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in all aspects of our business.