The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission provides mission critical intelligence to combat the threats Australia faces from transnational serious and organised crime.

We have an integrated view of crime, made possible through our connected systems and unique capabilities that we use to coordinate decision making with state and territory, Commonwealth and international partners to confront the threats we face.

Our mission critical intelligence underpins efforts to tackle a problem which costs Australia up to $60 billion per year. These persistent and largely offshore threats encompass our priority crime themes.

Our purpose is to protect Australia from serious crime threats by collecting, assessing and disseminating intelligence and policing information.

The agency is part of the Attorney-General’s portfolio and a member of the Five Eyes Law Enforcement Group. We are also part of the National Intelligence Community, which comprises 10 Australian organisations that collect, analyse and disseminate intelligence information and advice in accordance with Australia’s interests and national security priorities.

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission provides mission critical intelligence to combat the threats  Australia faces from transnational serious and organised crime.

We have an integrated view of crime made possible through our connected systems and unique capabilities 
that we use to coordinate decision making with state and territory, Commonwealth and international partners
to confront the threats we face.

Our mission critical intelligence underpins efforts to tackle a problem worth up to 60 billion dollars per year.

These persistent and largely offshore hreats encompass illicit drugs and tobacco, money laundering, cyber crime and more.

We share our intelligence at all levels, from government to the community. 

We identify the priorities in tackling transnational serious and organised crime, and we support 75,000
frontline officers in crime prevention and day to day operations with access to policing systems, thousands of intelligence reports and millions of background checks.

We are 1000 people strong, constantly evolving our capabilities.

Working to collect, assess, and share intelligence, getting it to where it needs to be.

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What we do

We share our intelligence at all levels from government to the community. We identify the priorities in tackling transnational serious and organised crime and we support 75,000 frontline officers in crime prevention and day to day operations with access to policing systems, thousands of intelligence reports and millions of background checks.

To perform our role and achieve our purpose, we:

  • collect, correlate, analyse and disseminate criminal intelligence and information
  • maintain a national criminal intelligence database
  • develop strategic criminal intelligence assessments and advice on national criminal intelligence priorities
  • conduct special ACIC investigations and special ACIC operations
  • provide and maintain systems that allow information sharing for policing and law enforcement agencies
  • provide nationally coordinated criminal history checks and conduct criminal intelligence assessments.

Our agency

The ACIC is a Commonwealth statutory agency, established under the Australian Crime Commission Act. We began operating on 1 July 2016.

The ACIC Board members are senior officeholders of Commonwealth, state and territory law enforcement bodies and key regulatory and national security agencies.

The agency is headed by the CEO, Ms Heather Cook and our organisational structure includes the 2 groups below:

  • Chief Operating Officer Group – This group leads our delivery of national policing information and background checking services. It also provides enabling functions to the agency, including ICT, financial services, workforce capability and assurance, legal services, governance, strategic engagement and communication.
  • Intelligence Group – This group leverages our unique intelligence collection capabilities to drive intelligence insights and disruption outcomes. Its responsibilities include examinations and covert collection capabilities, operational strategy, and the development of intelligence that delivers operational outcomes and informs policy outcomes in response to the threat of serious and organised crime.

Australian Institute of Criminology

The ACIC supports and works closely with the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC), to ensure that criminological research and evidence remain central to law enforcement’s collective response to crime.

Our CEO is Director of the AIC, and the 2 agencies are co-located. While the AIC operates independently, its high-quality research is integral to our work

Diversity and inclusion

We are all responsible for creating a diverse and inclusive culture, both at work and beyond.

Our agency is passionate about promoting an environment that strives for excellence, enables personal and professional growth, values workplace diversity, models respectful behaviour, and achieves agency unity through collaboration and inclusiveness.