The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) is Australia's national criminal intelligence agency. We work with our law enforcement partners to improve the national ability to respond to crime impacting Australia.

The ACIC’s vision is ‘An Australia hostile to criminal exploitation’. The ACIC achieves this by collaborating with partners to disrupt the highest priority serious organised crime; collecting, analysing and disseminating criminal intelligence; sharing information to support police partners through our national policing systems and services; and supporting employment and entitlement decisions through delivery of background checking services.

The ACIC Board provides strategic direction to the ACIC and represents Commonwealth, state and territory law enforcement and other regulatory agencies.

What we do

To achieve the ACIC’s purpose and vision, and in response to the criminal risks facing Australia, the ACIC will deliver on four strategic objectives:

  • Be the criminal intelligence partner of choice
  • Provide comprehensive Commonwealth and policing information to our partners
  • Keep the community safe
  • Deliver a sustainable agency


We are uniquely equipped as Australia’s national criminal intelligence agency with investigative and information delivery functions. Our role includes reducing serious and organised crime threats of most harm to Australians and the national interest and providing national policing information systems and services.

To perform our role and achieve our purpose, we work closely with national and international partners to:

  • collect, correlate, analyse and disseminate criminal information and intelligence
  • maintain a national database of criminal information and intelligence
  • provide and maintain national information capabilities and services to support policing and law enforcement
  • provide strategic criminal intelligence assessments and advice on national criminal intelligence priorities
  • conduct investigations and intelligence operations into federally relevant criminal activity
  • provide nationally coordinated criminal history checks.

The ACIC is developing the National Criminal Intelligence System (NCIS) capability to provide the first truly national and unified picture of criminal activities.

The ACIC will continue to strengthen the value of accurate and timely background information to inform decision-making and improve community safety and pursue legislative change to enable us to meet contemporary requirements.


We began operating as the ACIC in July 2016, when the former Australian Crime Commission and CrimTrac were merged.


We are one of five operational agencies and bodies within the Home Affairs Portfolio. The portfolio brings together Australia's federal law enforcement, national and transport security, criminal justice, emergency management, multicultural affairs and immigration and border-related functions and agencies, working together to keep Australia safe.

The portfolio was established in December 2017, with the Department of Home Affairs as the central department.