Illicit Drug Data Report

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission’s Illicit Drug Data Report (IDDR) is the only report of its type in Australia, providing a national picture of the illicit drug market. The IDDR incorporates data from a variety of sources and provides an important evidence-base to assess current and future illicit drug trends. It also offers a brief analysis of those trends and assists decision-makers in the development of strategies to combat the threat posed by illicit drugs.

Illicit drug data is collected annually from law enforcement, forensic services, and academia. The report includes arrest, detection, seizure, purity, profiling and price data.

The purpose of this report is to provide statistics and analysis to assist decision-makers develop evidence-based illicit drug supply, demand and harm reduction strategies. The data also assist the Australian Government meet national and international reporting obligations.

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission uses the National Illicit Drug Reporting Format (NIDRF) system to standardise the arrest, seizure and purity data received from police services and contributing forensic organisations.

To view older editions of the IDDR, please see below or visit the former Australian Crime Commission website archive.


The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission’s Illicit Drug Data Report 2020–21 provides a comprehensive snapshot of the Australian illicit drug market and is the 19th edition in the series.