Illicit Drug Data Report 2020–21

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission’s Illicit Drug Data Report 2020–21 provides a comprehensive snapshot of the Australian illicit drug market and is the 19th edition in the series.

It continues to inform policy and operational decisions across government, industry and the not-for-profit sector and focuses efforts to reduce the impact of illicit drugs on our communities.

In 2020–21, there was 105,694 national illicit drug seizures and 140,624 national illicit drug arrests. There was also a record of 41.4 tonnes of illicit drugs seized nationally and methylamphetamine, which constitutes the majority of the amphetamine-type stimulants category of drugs, remains the most harmful illicit drug impacting Australia by some margin.

The report provides an overview of changes since the previous reporting period and also includes longer term trends in key market indicators – including border detections, national seizures and arrests, purity, profiling and price data – which inform and enhance our understanding of Australia’s illicit drug markets and the ability to identify changes within them. For the first time, drug driving data is included in this report. The data covers both roadside and mandatory drug testing and is an innovative addition to the report.

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