Volunteer checks

Volunteer checks

The ACIC recognises that many organisations contribute to community safety through non-for-profit, charitable or volunteer services. For this reason, the ACIC offers a reduced cost volunteer check to assist individuals who work on a volunteer basis.

The Volunteer check type is intended for the submission of nationally coordinated criminal history checks (checks) for applicants seeking to uptake a genuine volunteer position.

A volunteer police check can be requested if:

  • the applicant will:
    • freely hold the position or perform the role on a voluntary basis for the common good
    • not be an employee or contractor and will not be entitled to a salary or any other entitlements associated with the position or role, other than payment of out of pocket expenses, or
  • the applicant is a student undertaking a compulsory unpaid vocational placement as part of a training course requirement of an Australian-based educational institution.

An applicant should be able to provide evidence about the role they are applying for to ensure that they are entitled to a volunteer check. A volunteer check cannot be submitted for applicants applying for the Australian Government’s Work for the Dole Scheme.

Checks submitted for personal probity reasons where a person must provide a check to represent themselves as a fit and proper person are not generally considered a volunteer. Non-employment reasons that do not meet the Volunteer check type include:

  • tenancy (rental) purposes
  • social media participation reasons
  • insurance related purposes or to support business that operate on private premises
  • placing an Au Pair or overseas students in a family home
  • participation in television productions
  • family day care providers (operating on a commercial basis) who require checks for any residents on the premises where in-home care is being provided to children.

Although in these instances the individuals are not seeking employment, they do receive personal benefits, payments or entitlements as a result of the activity that they are undertaking, and/or they are not undertaking an activity which enhances or extends benefit to the community at large.

To clarify use of the Volunteer check type, please contact the NPCS on (02) 6268 7900 or email npcs@acic.gov.au

Volunteer checks can be obtained through an ACIC accredited body that is approved to submit volunteer checks, or any police agency. You should always check on the accredited body’s website or by clarifying with them if they can provide volunteer checks prior to submitting a check with their organisation.

View the list of ACIC accredited bodies.