Media statement: National Criminal Intelligence System

As part of the 2018–19 Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook, the Australian Government approved the use of $59.1 million from the National Policing Information Systems and Services Special Account to fully fund the first Tranche of the National Criminal Intelligence System (NCIS). The funding for NCIS at MYEFO is not captured in the MYEFO papers as its considered an extension to an existing measure which was announced in the 2018/19 Budget.

The Government has not yet made decisions about funding future Tranches of NCIS.

The NCIS will replace the National Police Reference System. The National Policing Information Hub Project will deliver a contemporary Master Data Management (MDM) platform for NCIS to enable the NPRS replacement. The ACIC is working with the Department of Home Affairs to ensure the MDM solution fits well within the portfolio’s broader technical architecture.

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission is an agency within the Home Affairs portfolio. As a portfolio agency, the ACIC is leveraging the technical capability at the Department of Home Affairs to deliver the technical solution for NCIS. The Department is providing its capabilities and expertise in building complex systems to benefit the NCIS program in a partnership arrangement. The ACIC remains the business owner of and is responsible for the delivery of NCIS.

Leidos have been contracted to provide resources to assist with limited Program Management Office functions such as reporting and scheduling.

National Criminal Intelligence Spokesperson

Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission