Celebrating a successful year of transition

acic first year

1 July 2017

A year ago today, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission was formed to strengthen Australia’s ability to respond to crime affecting our nation.

Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission Chief Executive Officer, Chris Dawson APM, said that in its first twelve months of operation, the agency has demonstrated strong achievements in a year of transition, bringing two agencies together to enhance Australia's national security and break the business of serious and organised crime.

“As an intelligence agency, we work with our law enforcement partners to improve the ability to stop criminals exploiting emerging opportunities and perceived gaps in law enforcement information,” Mr Dawson said.

“To this effect, we have disseminated more than 2,150 intelligence products and through the Australian Institute of Criminology have released 31 publications—25 of these were peer-reviewed research reports.

“These products and reports enhance our knowledge of crime and criminal justice issues in Australia, and provide strategic advice to inform policy development and reform.

“We have also delivered the thirteenth and fourteenth edition of the annual Illicit Drug Data Report, the first ever National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program Report, and the Illicit Firearms in Australia Report—vital intelligence products which provide a holistic evidence base for criminal activity in Australia.

“We have worked with our partners to seize more than $890 million in drugs and $11.2 million in cash, and have identified 118 previously unknown money laundering targets which will assist in our fight to combat financial crime.

“We have successfully piloted a National Criminal Intelligence System capability, which in its full scope, will provide an enhanced picture of the criminal environment and improve our ability to detect and disrupt criminal activity, while equipping our partners with improved criminal information and intelligence sharing abilities.

“A record five million background checks have been submitted this year through our National Police Checking Service and there have been more than 40 million National Police Reference System searches.

 “As our remit expands and organised crime continues to transcend traditional borders, our relationships with national and international partners are more important than ever before.

“The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission will continue to deploy staff overseas to maintain these valuable relationships, as we work together to keep Australia safe.

“I am fortunate to lead a highly skilled team of experts with significant technological and intelligence gathering abilities, who are working hard to form the national intelligence picture of serious and organised crime in Australia.

“The drive and commitment of our people is critical to our future success, and as we move forward we must stay mindful of why we exist. With Australia’s security landscape changing rapidly, our law enforcement and intelligence agencies must stay ahead of the game to combat this threat.

“Organised crime is sophisticated, powerful, pervasive and now more entrenched in our lives than ever before. The ACIC will continue to provide information, intelligence and research to strengthen the national ability to respond to crime affecting Australia,” Mr Dawson said.

For more information see www.acic.gov.au