In 2019–20, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission used coercive powers to source information relevant to the Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs special operation, which targets outlaw motor cycle gang (OMCG) members involved in drug and firearm trafficking, violence, corruption, fraud and money laundering.

Members of the Australian Gangs Intelligence Coordination Centre presented at international events in 2019 and 2020, including in Thailand, New Zealand and the Netherlands. These presentations outlined the regional OMCG threat, particularly in South-East Asia and the Pacific, push–pull factors relevant to the region, and the risks and/or effectiveness of a range of disruption methods. Contributing to collaborative international efforts to combat gangs continues to be a key strategy in Australia’s effort to reduce the threat posed by transnational OMCG networks.

The most recent assessment of OMCGs (September 2020) identified that there are 38 ‘one percent’ OMCGs operating in Australia, with more than 4,700 patched members and 1000 prospects.

The following chart identifies Australian motorcycle gangs:



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