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Report crime

Organised crime has a very real impact on Australia, causing social and economic harm that directly and indirectly affects the whole community.

Please do not report any crime directly to the agency.

If you wish to report or have information on serious and organised crime activity, contact one of the agencies below.

Emergency—police, fire or ambulance

  • Phone: 000

Call Triple Zero (000) for urgent assistance from Police, Ambulance or Fire Brigade. This is a free call from any phone in Australia. 

You should call 000 in a life threatening or time critical emergency, such as when:

  • Someone is seriously injured or in danger
  • There is serious risk to life or property
  • A crime is being committed and/or a further crime may be committed
  • Someone you suspect has committed a crime is close by or their location is known, and there is an opportunity to arrest the suspect
  • Witnesses may leave the scene of a crime or evidence might be lost if police do not get there quickly.

Crime Stoppers

If you have any information that might help solve a crime, please call Crime Stoppers. This is a community-based initiative which encourages all members of the public to provide information on:

  • People wanted by police
  • Unsolved crimes and future crime that is being planned
  • People you know who have committed criminal offences where they have not been arrested
  • Suspicious or unusual activity.

Police assistance line

  • Phone: 131 444

If you are the victim of a crime, other than in life threatening or time critical emergency situations, phone the Police Assistance Line on 131 444. The Police Assistance Line operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows you to report crime over the phone and the information you provide is immediately available to your local police.

Types of crime you can report to the Police Assistance Line include:

  • Break and enter
  • Fail to pay for fuel (service stations only)
  • Motor vehicle/vessel theft
  • Malicious damage, including graffiti
  • Lost property
  • Taxi fare evasion.

When a police response is required, the Police Assistance Line will arrange for police officers to attend. The Police Assistance Line can also assist you with general police inquiries. 

In Victoria please contact your local police station—do not contact the Police Assistance Line.

National Security Hotline

Suspicious activity which may relate to national security issues can be reported to the National Security Hotline. Trained operators take every call seriously and you can remain anonymous. Information is passed on to Australia's police and security agencies for analysis and further investigation.

If you’re calling from overseas, please call (+61) 1300 123 401. For TTY users, call 1800 234 889. If you do not speak English well, call the Translating and Interpreting Hotline on 131 450 and ask them to contact the National Security Hotline and interpret for you.

Cybercrime reporting

The Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network​  (the ACORN) is a national policing initiative of the Australian, state and territory governments. 

The ACORN is a national policing initiative of the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments. It is a national online system that allows the public to securely report instances of cybercrime. It also provide advice to help people recognise and avoid common types of cybercrime.

For more information, visit the ACORN website.


Your report can assist the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to monitor scam trends and take action as appropriate. You will also be able to receive information on the matter being reported and any options that may be available. SCAMwatch does not provide legal advice.

National Child Offender Register

Each Australian police agency operates the National Child Offender System (NCOS—formerly known as the ANCOR) in accordance with the respective legislation of their state or territory.  Any requests about information contained on the NCOS should be directed to the Child Protection Unit in the relevant police agency.  The contact details for the Child Protection Unit in each state and territory are listed below:

State or Territory




Australian Capital Territory


csort [at] afp.gov.au

1800 031 722

New South Wales

NSW Child Protection Register

#CPR [at] police.nsw.gov.au

02 8835 8657

Northern Territory

Child Protection Offender Registry

ancor [at] pfes.nt.gov.au

08 8922 1560


Child Protection Offender Registry

CPOR [at] police.qld.gov.au

1300 552 931

South Australia

South Australia ANCOR

sapol.ancor [at] police.sa.gov.au

1800 766 255


Tasmania ANCOR

CPOR.Register [at] police.tas.gov.au

03 6173 2661


Victoria Sex Offenders' Registry

ANCOR.registrar [at] police.vic.gov.au

1800 235 733

Western Australia

Western Australia Sex Offender Management Squad

soms [at] police.wa.gov.au

1800 300 400



Last updated
16 August 2017