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Vestigo Task Force

The Vestigo Task Force (Vestigo) was authorised in November 2016 in order to address transnational serious organise crime activities impacting adversely on the national interests of Australia and the countries of overseas partners.

Vestigo has been approved to operate until 30 June 2018.  The task force is supported by our Commonwealth, State and Territory partners, along with a number of international partners including the Five Eyes Law Enforcement Group (FELEG).  Vestigo provides a framework for the ACIC to enhance our international engagement and collaboration in response to the threat posed by high risk serious and organised crime entities based overseas or with direct links to criminal entities based overseas impacting adversely on Australia.

The task force reflects the ACIC’s shift from ad-hoc and opportunistic international engagement to ongoing and proactive engagement in response to the changing criminal environment.  Vestigo will  build on the work of the Eligo 2 National Task Force and National Task Force Morpheus which have demonstrated the benefit of the ACIC undertaking appropriate engagement with foreign law enforcement agencies supported with appropriate use of ACIC coercive powers under appropriate Board authorised Special Investigations/Operations to support the collection of information and intelligence.

These Special Investigations/Operations have identified and are addressing a range of serious and organised crime activities which continue to pose a significant threat to the Australian community and its national interests, including but not limited to the importation methylamphetamine into the Australian market, evolving threats posed by serious organised crime groups within the national security environment, the criminal exploitation of cyber technologies, money laundering and serious financial crime.

Last updated
27 March 2018