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About us

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission was formed to strengthen the ability to respond to crime affecting Australia. The agency, through its investigative, research and information delivery services, works with law enforcement partners to improve the ability to stop criminals exploiting emerging opportunities and perceived gaps in law enforcement information.

Our mission is to make Australia safer through improved national ability to discover, understand and respond to current and emerging crime threats and criminal justice issues, including the ability to connect police and law enforcement to essential policing knowledge and information.

We are uniquely equipped as Australia’s national criminal intelligence agency with investigative, research and information delivery functions. We work closely with a broad range of national and international partners to achieve our purpose. Taking account of criminal threats to Australia, and our stakeholder’s needs, we create a national intelligence picture of crime, target serious and organised crime, deliver information capability and services to front line policing and law enforcement, and provide crime and justice research that produces an evidence base for addressing crime in Australia.

We undertake criminological research and communicate the findings through the Australian Institute of Criminology. We provide independent monitoring and research programs that enhance knowledge of crime and criminal justice issues in Australia, and provide strategic advice to inform policy development and reform.

We connect, discover and understand to improve national ability to respond to crime impacting Australia.

Last updated
1 July 2016