Operations and investigations

Operations and investigations

The ACIC Board is a unified force against nationally significant crime and has the power to authorise special ACIC investigations and operations, which allows the use of our coercive powers. Special ACIC investigations and operations seek to disrupt criminal enterprises through intelligence-led responses. The board must be satisfied that authorisations of the special ACIC investigations and special ACIC operations are in the public interest and informed by the board members’ collective experience.

The intelligence gathering activities of special ACIC investigations and operations are informed by, and contribute to, the work of board-approved task forces that support collaboration between partners seeking to disrupt criminal enterprises through intelligence-led responses.

The ACIC’s coercive powers, similar to a Royal Commission, are used in special operations and special investigations to obtain information where the ACIC Board determines that it is in the public interest to do so.

Coercive powers

Our coercive powers, including the power to conduct examination of witnesses, set the ACIC apart from traditional law enforcement, and are important tools in the protection of the community from the impact of transnational serious and organised crime.

The ACIC has been granted these extraordinary powers to allow examiners of the ACIC to compel witnesses to answer questions and produce documents, or things, in relation to board-approved special ACIC investigations and operations.

This helps us identify and take-action against a range of pervasive criminal threats, which have proved highly resilient to traditional law enforcement methods.

If you have received an ACIC summons or notice and require further information, please phone the contact officer listed on the summons or notice.