Criminal intelligence

Criminal intelligence

Serious and organised crime (SOC) poses a grave and enduring threat to Australia’s national security and prosperity. It is estimated to cost Australia up to $60.1 billion dollars each year, representing enormous profits for the heads of organised crime networks at the expense of community safety.  Our role is to deliver mission critical intelligence to reveal the complex and ever shifting serious and organised crime threat to Australia and enable our law enforcement partners to disrupt criminal networks and enterprises.

Our integrated view of crime is made possible through our connected systems and unique capabilities that we use to coordinate decision making with state and territory, Commonwealth and international partners to confront the threats we face.

Our criminal intelligence is collected through our core capabilities: coercive powers, technical intelligence, human intelligence and data analytics. It provides a comprehensive, integrated and relevant picture of transnational serious and organised crime impacting Australia.

We maintain a strategic focus on the following priority crime themes while delivering criminal intelligence assessments into new and emerging issues. In this way, we are helping to make Australia hostile to criminal exploitation. 

Priority crime themes