In 2019–20, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) cybercrime intelligence team based at the Australian Cyber Security Centre discovered and prioritised cybercrime threats to Australia, understood the criminal networks behind those threats, and supported Australian Government response strategies by working closely with law enforcement, intelligence and industry security partners in Australia and internationally.

The ACIC produced intelligence reporting to improve the understanding of cybercriminal behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic, including emerging ransomware threats, SMS phishing campaigns, mobile malware, and online criminal infrastructure services on the dark web.

We also produce intelligence to improve understanding of:

  • business email compromise scams
  • malware
  • anonymity features in cryptocurrencies
  • the threat of ransomware to Australian businesses
  • cybercriminal exploitation of government systems.

We work with domestic and international partners to identify cybercriminals who purchased access to Australian networks on dark web marketplaces to facilitate fraud and cybercrime activities. We identify significant cybercriminals operating in or targeting Australia and disseminate that intelligence to law enforcement agencies.

Cybercrime reporting

The reporting of all cybercrime activity should be made through the ReportCyber website. The website also provides advice on how to protect yourself online and frequently asked questions that provide information regarding cybercrime trends.

Information and guidance on cybercrime is also available via the following links: