Cybercrime covers a wide variety of offences that present a significant threat to Australians, including identity crime, computer hacking, phishing, botnet activity, computer-facilitated crime, and cyber intrusion directed at private and national infrastructure.

Advances in technology have offered new opportunities for serious and organised crime, which use increasingly sophisticated methods to counter law enforcement efforts. Cybercriminal groups can target thousands of Australians simultaneously from anywhere in the world. They enhance their capability through dark web forums and marketplaces in which they share tools, techniques and information.

Our agency works to discover and prioritise cybercrime threats to Australia, understand the criminal networks behind those threats, and support Australian Government response strategies by working closely with law enforcement, intelligence and industry security partners in Australia and internationally. 

Cybercrime reporting

The reporting of all cybercrime activity should be made through the Australian Cyber Security Centre website. The website also provides advice on how to protect yourself online and information regarding cybercrime trends.

Information and guidance on cybercrime is also available through these resources: