Due to its clandestine nature, the size of the illicit firearm market cannot be definitively measured. However, based on available data, we conservatively estimate there are 200,000 firearms in the domestic illicit market. This is a reduction compared to the previous estimate released publicly in 2016, and is made up of 190,000 long-arms and 10,000 handguns.

The revised estimate is based on a range of intelligence sources, including historical and updated firearm importation figures, seizure trends, and the number of firearms surrendered during the course of Commonwealth, state and territory amnesties.

Our mission critical intelligence improves our understanding of firearms supply methodologies used by serious and organised crime groups in Australia, and systemic vulnerabilities the groups are exploiting, the illicit manufacture of handguns and the role of firearm trace analysis in determining the means by which firearms are diverted to the illicit market.

We also address firearms in Australia by hosting firearm related systems through our frontline services.