National security

Our mission critical intelligence provides a unique perspective on the evolving threats and risks posed by serious and organised crime (SOC) groups within the national security environment. Through our intelligence gathering and sharing capabilities at the national and international levels, we are informing our partners and improving the understanding of criminal threats to Australia. We contribute to the whole-of-government response by participating in national strategies to strengthen national security and counter-terrorism.

Serious organised crime networks are increasingly transnational, supported by an expanding range of enablers who collaborate readily with those who can help them to maximise reach and profits. The increasing professionalisation and collaboration of SOC groups will see the development of more innovative and sophisticated methodologies across more crime types in an effort to harden them to law enforcement disruption.

Methods of financing, money laundering, commodity movement, identity crime and communication developed and used by serious and organised crime groups can also be exploited by groups of national security interest.