National Task Force Morpheus

We are part of the National Task Force Morpheus (Morpheus)—a joint initiative of all law enforcement agencies and Commonwealth partners targeting the highest risk outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG) risks to Australia.  

Through Morpheus, all agencies are using their full range of capabilities to proactively and collaboratively target the highest OMCG risks to Australia, and detect their criminal activity. This includes:

  • improving understanding of the nature of OMCG serious and organised crime activity
  • developing and implementing crime prevention and disruption strategies
  • identifying underlying factors that allow OMCGs to be resilient to law enforcement
  • restricting and preventing opportunities for OMCGs to infiltrate legitimate business
  • confiscating illicit profits
  • targeting professional facilitators who assist OMCGs to carry out their illegal activities.

Between 2015 and 2018 Morpheus resulted in over seven and a half thousand OMCG members, nominees or associates being arrested and approximately eighteen thousand charges.

Morpheus connects Commonwealth, state and territory law enforcement agencies to provide a nationally coordinated response to high threat OMCGs operating across domestic and international borders. The National OMCG Managers Group oversees this work, driving national projects and response strategies aimed at disrupting OMCGs and minimising harm to the Australian community.

In this context, the Australian Gangs Intelligence Coordination Centre (AGICC), housed in the ACIC, is responsible for national intelligence coordination. The AGICC undertakes specific intelligence collection and analysis to continually build the collective understanding of the highest threat OMCGs impacting on Australia.