Intelligence Analysts

Intelligence Analysts

‘There are so many career options out there and I found it difficult to figure out what courses to do and skills I needed to get. I didn’t know how an Intelligence analyst role would apply to me, but I took a leap and was accepted by ACIC. My work is exceptionally interesting and I have been supported to complete the Intelligence Analyst Pathway Program,’ Intelligence Analyst, ACIC.

If you’re seeking a career where you can make a difference, Intelligence Analysts at the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) are at the forefront of tackling serious and organised crime both in Australia and offshore. Working across a variety of serious and organised crime threats, your work will directly contribute to keeping Australians safe.

Our Intelligence Analysts are provided comprehensive training as part of our Intelligence Analyst Pathway Program, and supported to undertake further study. This includes 10 week compulsory training in Canberra.

Intelligence Analysts at the ACIC make a leading contribution to the planning, development and production of intelligence outputs and outcomes, and work closely with other intelligence professionals to drive operational activity.

Over the course of your career with the ACIC, you will have the opportunity to work across the full range of serious and organised crime issues—anything from illicit drugs and money laundering, to financial crime and national security. In some areas, you will become a subject matter expert. In others, you will need to quickly develop an understanding of current and emerging issues.

‘As an Intelligence Analyst at the ACIC, I’ve worked across a variety of serious and organised crime threats, directly contributing to protecting Australia and its interests, its people and our way of life. In my career so far, I have had the opportunity to work on such a wide variety of issues, and enjoy the challenging and rewarding work,’ Intelligence Analyst, ACIC.