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Firearms services

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission’s firearms solutions are valuable tools for police to solve firearm-related crime and prevent gun crime in Australia.

National Firearm Trace Program

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission National Firearm Trace Program allows our law enforcement partners to submit web-based illicit firearm trace requests. The agency consolidates the information and creates a national picture of the firearm types located in the Australia illicit firearm market, and the diversion methods by which they arrived at that point. Law enforcement can request a National Firearm Trace Program account by guntrace [at] acic.gov.au (subject: Firearm%20Trace%20Portal) (email).

Firearms reference

The Australian Firearms Information Network (AFIN) helps police and other law enforcement agencies manage the registration, licensing and movement of firearms coming into Australia and moving between our states and territories.

The National Firearms Identification Database (NFID) helps police to identify and describe individual firearms consistently.

Ballistic matching

The Australian Ballistic Information Network (ABIN) helps police match ballistic evidence across state and territory borders.

Last updated
2 March 2017