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Working with children checks

What is required to work with children?

In Australia, people who work or volunteer with children are screened for suitability. As part of this screening process, nominated state agencies examine an applicant’s police information including criminal charges, offences, findings of guilt and professional conduct reports across the applicant’s lifetime.

The screening process also considers the relevant state or territory legislation, which differs in terms of:

  • the type of history that may prevent a person from obtaining registration or a Working with Children Card (WWCC)
  • how long the registration is valid for
  • who is required to be registered.

If an applicant passes the screening processes they may be registered to work with children and/or vulnerable people for a set period of time according to the state or territory that issues the registration.

If you or the applicant you are conducting a check for will be working with children or vulnerable groups, you will need to determine if a working with children and/or working with vulnerable people check is required to be conducted by the relevant screening unit.

Where can I get a working with children check?

A single screening unit has been set up in each state and territory to conduct working with children checks and issue the resulting cards, registrations or permits. The following state and territory screening units are the only organisations allowed, under legislation, to conduct working with children checks: