2016–17 annual report shows first year successes for ACIC

Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission

The 2016–17 annual report for the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission was tabled in Parliament today, highlighting the agency’s successes in its first year of operation.

Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission acting CEO, Nicole Rose, said the annual report highlighted the great work the agency has done to support Australia’s law enforcement agencies in combating serious and organised crime.

“In its first year of operation, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission demonstrated significant efforts to create a safer Australia that is better connected, informed and capable of responding to crime and criminal justice issues.

“In 2016–17, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission seized more than $929.71 million of illicit drugs, seized more than $14.06 million in cash, and restrained $107.67 million worth of assets.

“We conducted 227 coercive examinations over the financial year, discovering new information about serious and organised crime.

“We arrested 283 people on 828 charges, leading to the successful conviction of 69 criminals.

“We connected over 60 international agencies with 600 intelligence reports, and connected our domestic partners to critical information, sharing more than 39,000 reports, alerts and intelligence products with over 170 agencies.

“The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission brings together a range of highly experienced, specialised and hard working employees who should be proud of the work they achieved for the agency.

“It is their expertise and skill that allows us to strengthen Australia’s ability to respond to crime affecting our community.

“We are committed to connecting our partners to the intelligence and information they need to discover, understand and respond to serious and organised crime in Australia,” Ms Rose said.

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission’s annual report is available on the ACIC website.

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