Reporting ACIC outcomes and achievements for 2017–18

Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission’s Annual Report 2017–18 was tabled in Parliament yesterday, highlighting the agency’s successes.

The annual report highlights the significant efforts made to create a safer Australia that is better connected, informed and capable of responding to crime.

In 2017–18, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission worked with its partners to seize more than $3.5 billion of illicit drugs and more than $16.09 million in cash.

Our agency was also involved in the arrest of 191 people on 471 charges, leading to the successful conviction of 55 criminals.

We conducted 212 coercive examinations over the financial year, discovering new information about serious and organised crime.

We shared criminal information and intelligence with more than 190 national and international law enforcement partners and other stakeholders this financial year.

We maintained information and intelligence systems used by more than 70,000 police and non-police users each day to help keep them and the community safe.

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission brings together a range of highly experienced, specialised and hardworking employees who should be proud of the work they achieved for the agency.

It is their expertise and skill that allows us to strengthen Australia’s ability to respond to crime affecting our community.

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission is committed to connecting our partners to the intelligence and information they need to discover, understand and respond to serious and organised crime in Australia.

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission’s annual report for 2017–18 is available on the ACIC website:

An infographic of our 2017–18 highlights is also available: