Joint agency operation


Five men have been arrested after police seized more than $80 million of methylamphetamine (ice), firearms, and $1.7 million cash, during a multi-agency police operation spanning three states.


A New South Wales man, 50, has been jailed following an international, multi-agency investigation into the importation of 188 kilograms of cocaine supplied by a Mexican drug cartel in 2019.


The AFP has charged four West Australians during an investigation into a transnational drug trafficking syndicate after 66 kilograms of cocaine – worth about $23.7 million ­‑ was seized in Perth.


A NSW man and a German national with suspected links to organised crime have been charged by the AFP for allegedly importing 320kg of cocaine into Western Australia.


Trident Taskforce detectives this morning charged four men and seized $2,455,635 worth of illicit tobacco following an investigation into the importation and distribution of illicit tobacco products.


Police arrested four people in Melbourne over the past week as part of an investigation into an organised crime syndicate linked to the trafficking of drugs in Victoria.


A joint-agency police investigation has resulted in the seizure of approximately $4.7 million cash, 5kg of illicit drugs, and a number of cryptocurrency automatic teller machines, following inquiries into the importation of prohibited drugs and alleged money laundering in New South Wales.


An FBI-led global campaign targeting transnational criminal syndicates conducting and facilitating Business Email Compromise (BEC) schemes has resulted in the arrest of 65 people world-wide, highlighting an issue that can have devastating consequences for Australian businesses.


An AFP-led investigation targeting transnational organised crime has seized 416kg of cocaine off Yorke Peninsula, the biggest haul of illicit drugs ever confiscated in South Australia, worth an estimated street value of more than $166 million dollars.


Two members of a criminal syndicate arrested in 2019 for importing 228 kilograms of cocaine into Sydney have been sentenced to 28 and 23 years’ imprisonment respectively.